2006 bay colt by Horse Of The Year Holy Bull out of Multiple Stakes Winner Perfect Moment

Run with The Bull

Ride along as we journey towards that perfect moment
when victory is caught in the final stride at the wire.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Standing There

There she was, standing there. After a few hours drive, a couple years of searching, and a lifetime of dreaming, we had found her. The summer of 2001 and the filly was barely 14 months old, staring back at me from her stall and looking exactly how I had imagined a young racehorse. I took her out of the barn, never imagining where she would take us.

Our adventure had begun. Something different than ever before. An unknown excitement. What name should we give this next chapter in our life? The answer arrived almost before the question. A favored song is a common inspiration for a name, and this one was born from the lyrics of ‘New Sensation’ by INXS. The opening verse heralds…

I got a new sensation
In perfect moments
So impossible to refuse

The rhythm of those words invokes an image of a sensational horse race. Turning for home, a harmony of motion powers down the stretch, carrying a dream, chasing a destination. With a final stride the wire arrives and victory is declared in an everlasting perfect moment. So impossible to refuse. Our filly had her name, Perfect Moment.

While she found marked success on the racetrack including victories in stakes competition, she would provide many perfect moments off the track as well. The trials and tribulations of campaigning a Thoroughbred, places visited and friends made, and the greatest perfect moments of all, the opportunity and pleasure of sharing one’s passion.

When the filly’s racing career ended the journey was still beginning. By then family and friends had joined the calling. Together we engaged in the joyous task of selecting a proper stallion for her first mating (and wisely summoned noted experts for the planning). Several of us traveled to Kentucky and inspected her mate, Champion and Horse of the Year Holy Bull.

A long wait later the following year Perfect Moment produced a healthy, good looking bay colt. Three years hence, and through trials and tribulations of his own, the colt named Perfect Bull racing in the silks of Red Dog Stables provided another perfect moment in winning the $60,000 Minnesota Derby.

The greatest part of it all was family and friends, standing there.

- Chad