2006 bay colt by Horse Of The Year Holy Bull out of Multiple Stakes Winner Perfect Moment

Run with The Bull

Ride along as we journey towards that perfect moment
when victory is caught in the final stride at the wire.

Monday, March 31, 2008

train (verb): to make prepared for a test of skill

Running. It’s what I was born to do. Yet there's more to it than placing one hoof in front of the other. While my handlers at Equus Farm taught me how to be horse, my professional education began last September at El Primero Training Center in Laredo TX. Although I enjoyed romping in the Minnesota Snow when I was a foal, the South Texas sunshine provides the proper environment for learning my trade.

Currently, I’m up to breezing a half-mile from the gate. Yes, just a half-mile. You try that with something on your back that resembles a cougar (all of you meat-eaters smell alike). Speaking of felines, since the closest experience most of you have with training a Thoroughbred is chasing cats, you might want to check out Training Racehorses. Saddle up, and enjoy the literary ride.